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Just as the line between stages 2 and 3 is unclear, so too is the difference between stages 3 and 4.  Really, the growth happens on a continuum, from the beginning of stage 1 all the way through stage 4.  This is the last of a six-article series on this topic of empowerment through submission.  […]


Did Christ ever teach the law of attraction?  If so then why do the scriptures talk so much about being humble, meek, and following Him?  In this six-part series, we’ve learned that most of humanity is stuck in stage 1, which is unconsciousness, or victimhood.  We can call it unconsciousness because at this level virtually […]


This is part four in a six-part series.  Part 1      Part 2      Part 3 This stage is also known as empowerment.  You will know that you are truly aware of greater truth because your actions will reflect it.  When you know you are destined for great things, when there is no […]


Peace Before Inspiration

On October 11, 2011 By

Earlier I spoke about receiving inspiration, and answered some common questions on the topic.  Many have commented to me that they are having a difficult time getting to a state where their minds and souls are at peace, and can receive and understand inspiration. My response is that you are probably too busy to allow […]


Click here for part 1 Q: How do I ask for/receive inspiration? A:  Three steps: step 1)  Do your homework. When you ask for guidance, it is often best to first do your homework.  Deliberate in your mind all of your options, and decide what you believe is the best choice. Once you have made […]


Every great religion espouses some form of the universal truth: ask and ye shall receive.   While some people seem to be able to naturally tap into their spiritual selves and follow promptings, others feel like it is a real struggle.  Here are some of the most common questions from our students and my answers according […]


Discovering Real Prayer

On June 21, 2011 By

After my post on Christianity and the law of attraction, someone sent an email and humbly asked me “how do you pray?”  I was touched.  In response, the following is an excerpt from my new book Your Superpowers.  I wanted to include it here because I feel like so many who grow up without religion […]


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