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This continues yesterday’s post. Q: “So how can I use the law of attraction to improve my life?” A: We may not know exactly what is happening yet, but we do know for certain that the creative energy inside of each of us is dependent on our beliefs.  This happens on two levels: 1) our […]


Most readers by now should understand that the law of attraction is happening on a belief level.  If that sentence doesn’t make sense yet, be sure to read this and this before reading the rest of this post.  Our beliefs are the filter that we use to interpret reality; they can either create a life […]


I just spoke with my brother, who is living in West Virginia for the summer.  Last week he was returning home from a workout at the local gym, and before too long ended up stuck behind an “oversized load” truck that was driving about half of the speed limit.  Not only was the truck driving […]


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