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Faith– by Joe Vitale

On January 13, 2013 By

Faith   Two days ago I was thrilled to unexpectedly receive a signed copy of Joe Vitale’s newest book Faith.  The book is still only available to pre-order, so this was a really special treat for me. Since the book arrived in my hands, I have spent every free minute locked inside.  It is so […]


Everyone knows J.K. Rowling as the author of the best-selling series Harry Potter.  Most do not realize the path she walked to get where she is today.  In her 2008 Harvard Commencement speech, she details just how difficult her life became before she allowed herself to be loyal to her divine identity and follow her […]


If you are new to my blog, please catch up on this topic by reading the following for posts: *Energy, not thoughts, is the vehicle for the law of attraction *Beliefs create our energy *Forgiveness neutralizes negative energy *Beliefs were mostly forged before we were mature enough to be objective about our beliefs Once you […]


By now we realize that one of the first things anyone looking for a better life needs to do is become as clear as possible about what you want.  The Bible teaches us to ask so that we can receive, and law of attraction experts teach us to be absolutely clear in our minds about […]


I was raised a Christian.  I learned to pray as soon as I was able to talk.  I learned about things like “faith” and “inspiration” by the time I was three or four years old.  As a result, I believe that I have enjoyed my life far more than most people do.  I learned at […]


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