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If you arrive in China during warm weather, it will likely only take a day or two before you encounter your first bare bum in public.  While it is becoming less and less common in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the 开裆裤 (pronounced kai dang ku), or split pants are still alive and well […]


Many of the biggest surprises you’ll encounter in China will occur at the dinner table.  Because meals and food are so important to business or social connections in China, I’ll write several articles based around food etiquette, and I want to start with the biggest shocker of all, the fight for the bill. Particularly if […]


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I’ve only contributed one “note” to my facebook page.  It was the “25 random things about me” thing that was popular a few years ago.  I want to share that list with you because I think that it will be a good springboard to other posts.  If you want to hear the full story on […]


    When I was 17 years old I put something on my bucket list that I honestly thought was impossible: walk on the Great Wall of China.  I have since walked, run, camped, danced, played guitar and much more on my many trips to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is certainly a fantastic […]


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