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GO BEYOND the “Secret” and learn how to apply the laws of attraction everyday to create abundance

How would your life change if you had no fear?  

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? 

How much longer are you willing to wait to live your life?
Many of us realize we create our own reality. And many of us are beginning to experience greater control in our lives as we become more creative. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of what is holding us back from having all that we want.

Mental blocks to success are usually found in the subconscious mind

–often beyond our conscious awareness–

Most of my readers have read all the right books,

    • they’ve bought and listened to audio programs
    • they’ve watched The Secret multiple times
    • and they are frustrated that change has been fleeting and underwhelming

I know all about that.

I’ve been there.

I had aspirations of being an author, yet was scared of what people would think of my writing. I dreamed of traveling the world and making a difference, but felt like I had enough problems of my own to start worrying about helping others.

I was reading positive material– almost daily. I was working on being grateful, and I was even seeing some small improvements in my life.

Then I began working with a mentor.

For the first time I had someone to work with me who was not locked into my version of reality. I had someone who could see beyond my blocks and understand how I was holding myself back.

With this perspective came clarity.

As I became clear about who I was, what my mission in life was, I gained power. Perhaps more importantly, I learned what subconscious beliefs and fears were holding me back. As I let go of the fears, I gained faith in divinity and in myself. I use that faith to create miracles in my own life, and to inspire others.

Understanding the value that working with experts had in my life, I’ve put together a program and a team of experts to create real breakthroughs for others. We’ve already seen amazing results, and are looking to expand to a greater audience.


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 The Real You, is Designed to Constantly Grow and Expand

You have divinity inside of you. That divinity, the real you, is designed to constantly grow and expand. As you give yourself permission to fulfill your divine design, you also give permission to those closest to you to do the same.

An unofficial poll found that the most significant changes our students experienced in coaching were:

  • “More energy, sustained energy” you’ll find that when you stop using will power to succeed and start allowing life to come to you in a way that is harmonious with who you truly are, your daily activities start feeding you energy instead of consuming that energy
  • “Make and keep more money” money is just another form of energy, as you gain clarity and focus, money flows to you in ways you never would have otherwise imagined
  • “Life balance and perspective” a true, clear understanding of who you are and the great things you are meant to be leads to balance and trust in a higher perspective
  • “Significantly improved relationships” as you learn the difference between your true identity and your ego, forgiveness and love become natural
  • Much, much, much more!

I’ve been involved in coaching and mentoring long enough to know that it is not for everyone. We are only looking for the people who will truly break through and live a life of passion and success.


How do you know if that is you?

Two Things I Look For!

Timing and Commitment

  1. Timing: the timing is right for you; in other words, you are mentally and emotionally ready. You are done thinking about change and are ready to take action.
  2. Commitment: changing is important enough to you that you are willing to commit. You want to contribute, you want to be held accountable, and you want to stretch beyond your comfort zone.


You don’t need our help to do what you have been doing throughout your life. Your beliefs about what is comfortable have created your current experience. If you are excited about stretching beyond the results you have gotten so far, this program will be genuinely transformational.


One of the things that kept me from getting started with coaching years ago was the prohibitive upfront cost of coaching. Eventually I went for it and I’ll never regret that decision. In hindsight it is easy to see the value in this kind of support, but before you have experienced that transformation, it is sometimes difficult to trust that you too can be a success story.

I’ve learned from some of the best minds in the world– and it was worth every penny I spent. But I know that there are many who are not able to spend tens of thousands of dollars to become clear and remove subconscious blocks.

I traveled to Joe Vitale’s house to learn how to mastermind effectively. I’ve worked with mentors from many different areas of expertise, and from all over the world. My interest in energy and healing eventually took me to China where I learned Chinese and student Chinese Medicine in Beijing. I’ve since discovered that what we can do on a belief and mindset level is far more powerful than acupuncture or any herbal remedy I studied in Beijing.


The program that I’ve put together is far more powerful than what I did as a student years ago, but I’ve decided to take away the pressure of up-front tuition. Comparable programs would cost well over ten thousand dollars in upfront tuition.


The coach who mentored me worked with hundreds of students and charged $750 for a 45 minute coaching call. As I mentioned earlier, I benefited for more than I paid. Much of that money went to operational costs which I have eliminated in my program. As a result, we have a group of experienced mentors who get results, but we are providing this value at a lower cost than I have ever seen before.  The same coach who worked with me has agreed to run the one-on-one mentoring my program.


*Each month, you will receive personal coaching from a life-changing mentor. ($1,000 value)

*personalized homework assignments from your coach ($350-700 value)

*mastermind group session – using the method I learned from Joe Vitale at his house ($2000 value)

*monthly teleseminar with me ($150 value)

*assignments pertaining to the success principles discussed in the teleseminar ($100 value)

*networking opportunities – opportunities to network with like-minded people ($200 value)

*additional materials and support available as needed also available


In a typical coaching program, these benefits would cost you well over $4000 a month!  And many gladly pay it, when they see the positive difference in their lives.

But you may not be there financially–no matter how much you want to change your life.  So I’ve pared my costs down and put some of my own money where my mouth is–to give you an absolutely RISK FREE way to transform your future.

I thought about only charging you $1000 per month.

But even that would eliminate some of you who are highly motivated to change.

For now, we have decided we can create life-changing value for less than a thousand dollars each month. In fact, we can provide all of that personalized attention and support for you for only $237 per month! That’s less than $8 a day.  Eight lousy bucks to change your life–your income–your health–your future.  Can you give up your daily beverage and pastry?  You’ll save enough to change your life.  Eat a little less fast food?  You’ll be able to easily come up with the 8 bucks.

But I’m going to make it even better:  just for one month.

Just to make this life-changing decision easier on you, we decided to allow each student to do a “test drive.” I don’t want you to need to worry about whether or not you are making the right decision. By the end of the first month, it should be clear that this is the right thing for you. So that you can be absolutely certain that this program more than pays for itself, we will allow you to “test drive” for the first month. For only $70.00, you can receive several thousand dollars worth of support. If this is not the right type of support for you, you are welcome to cancel at any time, even after the first month. That’s right, if this isn’t right for you, we’ll simply part as friends – no harm done.


Obviously I can’t make this kind of deal available to everyone.  It would be impossible to keep up with the demands.  So only the first 35 people who sign up will be able to take advantage of my $70.00 test drive offer.  After that, your chance is gone.


Yes Steve!  I’m ready to change my life.  And I hope I’ll be eligible for your program.  Please let me give it a test drive:



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