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Faith– by Joe Vitale

On January 13, 2013 By

Faith   Two days ago I was thrilled to unexpectedly receive a signed copy of Joe Vitale’s newest book Faith.  The book is still only available to pre-order, so this was a really special treat for me. Since the book arrived in my hands, I have spent every free minute locked inside.  It is so […]


Books I Read Last Year

On January 1, 2012 By

Books I read in 2011 (in order of when I read them) The Jackrabbit Factor  by Leslie Householder Attract Money Now   by Joe Vitale The Automatic Millionaire  by David Bach Debt Free For Life  by David Bach Mentally Tough  by James E. Loehr and Peter Mclaughlin The 4 Hour Work Week  by Timothy Ferriss Spiritual […]


I love this time of year.  Beginning a new year is so exciting, so fresh, so fun!  I like the idea of starting again. For what its worth, I want to share the process I go through to create my “resolutions.” 1)  Begin with the ultimate vision I want to begin with the end in […]


Step 3: How Do I Love Myself?

On December 8, 2011 By

Earlier we discussed why it is so important to learn to love yourself.  This is the fourth and last article in this series.  Step 1: How do I forgive myself?  Step 2:  How do I find genuine gratitude? Step 3: How Do I Love Myself? You will naturally love yourself when you uncover the truth […]


Previous articles in this series: article 1   article 2  Gratitude is an essential key to a wonderful life.  Unfortunately, most people don’t understand that gratitude is what creates a better life. We want to have the wonderful life first, so we have something to be grateful for! You might think “I promise I’ll be grateful […]


I received the following request/plea after writing my six-essay series reconciling Christianity with empowerment: “How do I move from stage one to stage two?  I’m convinced that my energy is creating my reality, so what do I do about it?” What a great question! I doubt this can be emphasized enough; forgiveness neutralizes negative energy, […]


This is the third article in a 6-part series answering the question of “how do I reconcile the self-empowerment implied by the law of attraction with my religious belief that I need to humble myself and submit to the Lord’s will?” part 1              part2 Also known as victimhood, almost all of humanity fits into stage […]


Peace Before Inspiration

On October 11, 2011 By

Earlier I spoke about receiving inspiration, and answered some common questions on the topic.  Many have commented to me that they are having a difficult time getting to a state where their minds and souls are at peace, and can receive and understand inspiration. My response is that you are probably too busy to allow […]


Origins of Optimism?

On October 10, 2011 By

Doctors and grandmas alike agree that optimism is good for your health.  Most people want to be happier, more optimistic. An interesting article was just published in Nature Neuroscience magazine entitled How Unrealistic Optimism is Maintained in the Face of Reality. A synopsis from BBC News: “Scientists at University College London rated 14 people for […]


Click here for part 1 Q: How do I ask for/receive inspiration? A:  Three steps: step 1)  Do your homework. When you ask for guidance, it is often best to first do your homework.  Deliberate in your mind all of your options, and decide what you believe is the best choice. Once you have made […]


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