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Affirmations can be a powerful reinforcement of the life you would like to create for yourself.  We do not live in accordance with what we can do, but in accordance with what we think we can do.  In other words, you will never outperform the conversation going on in your head. Affirmations help you to take control of that conversation.  They also help you identify internal resistance, which we will talk about later.


Many people struggle with affirmations for different reasons.  Some people feel like it is hard to write affirmations or choose the right one to use.  Others have been using affirmations and are frustrated with the results.  I will continue to add articles to respond to questions I have already received, and I invite you to send me your questions through the contact tab on this website, you can also ask questions in the comments section below.


How to Use Success Affirmations


To begin, choose two or three of the following affirmations that feel valuable to you. You want to be consistent and stubborn with them.  Begin and end each day with a 3-5 minutes exercise of reading the affirmations, and feeling grateful that the affirmations are already true for you. Nevelle Goddard said “you want to assume the feeling of the end result.” Which means you should feel the emotion that you anticipate feeling when the affirmation you have stated is true for you.

Remember that consistency is critical.  Do not skip even one day.


Some of my favorite success affirmations:


I have opportunities all around me

I love to challenge myself

Life is full of abundance and joy

I seek out opportunities to grow

I allow myself to be successful

I am successful now

I am good enough

I wake up excited for my day

I take care of my body and it takes good care of me

Successful people like to spend time with me

The solution to any problem is only an idea or a relationship away

I am committed to excellence

My success makes my community a better place

My success elevates the world

I attract perfect opportunities

I allow success

I rejoice in the success of others around me

I am loving and loyal

The world is better off because of me

I am creative and powerful

Success and abundance flow to me like a river


One Response to Affirmations

  1. Tami says:

    I love this book! Thank you!! I stumbled upon it from Joe Vitale’s stuff and I am really excited! I have wanted to figure out a way to help my teenagers believe in being their best self and reaching their highest potential. Thanks!

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