Time to discover love, discover yourself, discover life!  I’ve committed myself to this journey, this discovery.  As you read along with me, I invite you to discover your own love, peace, and joy.  This website is my attempt to join like-minded people on this journey towards discovering joy in life. Abundance and joy are all around us– all of us.

I love interacting with readers through comments, emails, and personal coaching.  In fact, while I host the website and write the articles, I feel like the website belongs to the community– to all of us. Steve Headshot

My name is Steve Gardner.  I am the author of the popular teenage empowerment book Your Superpowers Dream It, Achieve It! And director of the Your Superpowers boot camps for youth and adults.

I studied Chinese medicine for a year at The Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (北京中医药大学) and later mentored with Dr. Joe Vitale (Mr. Fire) and Dr. Janeen Detrick (Dr. J).

In 2007 I was near the top of the corporate world, managing branding in China for the fortune-500 company Parker Hannifen. I loved living in Shanghai and the great responsibilities that went with my position, but quickly realized I was not living My dream. I left this prestigious and secure job to found Discovering Life LLC– a company focused on empowering people to achieve great success and satisfaction in life.

I love speaking and presenting, I consider myself a powerful advocate for empowerment, and I love coordinating life-changing Superpowers conferences for youth and adults around the world. I have spoken and taught youth and adults about discovering hidden talents and creating a great life for over 10 years and on three different continents. I have taught Mandarin Chinese in high school, coached basketball, managed the branding for a fortune 500 company, and counseled troubled youth; but what I love most is inspiring greatness in others.

Other resources:  My interview on international TV.

About my Superpowers Conferences


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