Books I read in 2011 (in order of when I read them)

The Jackrabbit Factor  by Leslie Householder

Attract Money Now   by Joe Vitale

The Automatic Millionaire  by David Bach

Debt Free For Life  by David Bach

Mentally Tough  by James E. Loehr and Peter Mclaughlin

The 4 Hour Work Week  by Timothy Ferriss

Spiritual Marketing  by Joe Vitale

The Power of Full Engagement  by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

Creating Affluence  by Deepak Chopra

The Field  by Lynne Taggart

The Wellness Revolution  by Paul Zane Pilzer

Power Vs. Force  by Dr. David R. Hawkins

Beyond Success  by Brian Biro

Hidden Treasures  by Leslie Householder

48 Days to the Work You Love  by Dan Miller

Standing for Something  by Gordon B. Hinkley

Good to Great  by Jim Collins

Change Anything  by Kerry Patterson, four others

Beyond Positive Thinking  by Robert Anthony

God Wants You to Be Rich  by Paul Zane Pilzer

The Attractor Factor (revised edition)  Joe Vitale

Growing Your Business  by Mark LeBlanc

The Zig Zag Principle  by Rich Christianson


I highly recommend a few of them (those that are bolded and in italics),  I’ve also linked many of the books to appropriate websites.  If I’ve missed a good link or mis-linked anything please let me know.

I started 6 others that weren’t good enough to finish.  They are not worth mentioning.

Of course I am most proud of the book I wrote this year, Your Superpowers; Dream It, Achieve It.

What books do you recommend?



2 Responses to Books I Read Last Year

  1. Bob White says:

    You have a good list of books!
    Here are a few others I recommend:
    The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol
    Mentored by a Millionaire by Steven Scott
    How to Succeed in Life by Ned Grossman
    The Book of Mormon
    Set Your Voice Free by Roger Love
    Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
    Full Spectrum Success by E R Haas & Kent c Madson
    20 Powerful Steps to a Healthier Life by Dr Richard Schulze
    Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis
    Can We Live 150 Years? by Mikhail Tombak
    The Five Thousand Year Leap by W Cleon Skousen
    Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew
    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy
    … to name just a few … there are so many good books!

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