I love this time of year.  Beginning a new year is so exciting, so fresh, so fun!  I like the idea of starting again.

For what its worth, I want to share the process I go through to create my “resolutions.”

1)  Begin with the ultimate vision

I want to begin with the end in mind, so I start out with my vision of my own future.  It doesn’t matter which of my dreams feel realistic right now, it doesn’t matter if I believe I can or will achieve them this year.  I want to start with my ultimate vision of myself.  I want my vision to be as clear as possible, and I want to consider every aspect of my life that is important to me.  Allow yourself to be inspired with this vision.  Sit with your subconscious and prayerfully consider what you are meant to accomplish on this Earth.  This year, I envisioned my healthy body, my happy family (on a great vacation, no less), and the thousands of people that my superpowers conferences are are going to influence for the better.  When the vision is clear, I want to feel the actual emotions I will feel as I become that person.  Feel the peace that comes from that incredible and restful vacation.  Feel the excitement of each successful conference, feel the joy of running and playing and just being in great shape.  Feel it all.  Be very specific with those emotions, and allow yourself to genuinely experience them.

2)  Look back at the past year

After really getting in tune with what you are meant to become, look back at the past year and see if there were areas where you did exceptionally well.  Also consider areas where you could have done better.  Unless conscious effort is placed on improvement and growth, you will continue to live approximately the same way this year.  As much as possible, be specific when you identify both strengths and weaknesses.  Take a minute to celebrate what you did well.  Consider ways of adding to those strengths to improve even further.  Be specific.

Also look at your weaknesses.  What areas do you need to improve or change in order to become the person you envisioned yourself to be.  Be gentle with yourself, but face reality.  If you don’t think of specific things to change, the change may never happen.  Remember, however, that change is not about will power, it is about being ready to change.  That is why it is important to be inspired in your vision for yourself.  When you are ready to change, you will know how to do it, and you will succeed.  If you are not ready for it, then all the will power in the world will eventually fall short.

3) Set your goals/resolutions, with self-love

Now you are ready to set your goals, but if you want to be effective, mix in simple goals that will help you love and appreciate yourself more.  Remember, life doesn’t give you what you want, but what you truly believe you deserve.  As you set your goals, be sure to add in little things that show you love yourself.

This system has worked extremely well for me.  Follow it and expect miracles. 



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