Earlier we discussed why it is so important to learn to love yourself.  This is the fourth and last article in this series.  Step 1: How do I forgive myself?  Step 2:  How do I find genuine gratitude?

Step 3: How Do I Love Myself?

You will naturally love yourself when you uncover the truth about who you really are. Even though at your core you are pure and perfect, you inherited a body and adopted beliefs that are far from perfect. That’s okay. Just know that you and your body are separate, and you should learn to love them both.

In fact, your ability to create is inextricably connected to your level of self-acceptance and self-love. To further increase your self-love, begin now to focus on things that you are happy with in your life — anything at all that you love. Focus on those aspects of yourself. This should be very easy if you have been focusing on gratitude.  When you uncover aspects of yourself that you appreciate, express appreciation. Thank yourself! It is as simple as saying, “Thank you, self, for caring enough about your own growth to read this article,” “Thank you, self, for caring enough about your family to work hard and earn money,” and so on.

In addition to thanking yourself for the things you are doing well, you will want to tell yourself that you love yourself.  This might seem awkward at first. If it is hard to say “I love you, self” then replace that with “I choose to love myself.”

“I choose to focus on the things that I do well in life. I choose to love myself.”

Repeat that phrase as often as you remember to do so. Even if it is awkward, it is worth it. Remember that life gives you what you subconsciously believe you deserve; not what you want, but what you truly believe you deserve. When you begin to love yourself more, you will naturally start to believe you deserve more. Your life will change according to that belief.

How Do I Create True Joy?

This is the easy part.  Follow steps 1-3 and the joy will follow! It almost becomes a game of observing how beautifully everything comes together. If you truly forgive yourself, love yourself, and overwhelm yourself with genuine gratitude, your soul will be filled with joy.

So many people waste so much time, effort, and money trying to imitate steps that successful people have done before them. What we often don’t realize, though, is that these people believed they deserved the life they created, and so were able to follow internal guidance that led them through the exact path they took to get there.  If you try to mimic someone else’s steps without the promptings that showed them which way to go, you are only going to become lost in frustration and struggle.

Do yourself a favor; realize that on a spiritual level you already know what to do.  Spend your time becoming more familiar with those promptings, and enjoy the life that inevitably follows.


5 Responses to Step 3: How Do I Love Myself?

  1. Mary says:

    This article is truely a blessing and I am sure will be the life-changer I have been seeking for awhile now. I do thank you and wish you many blessings, also!

  2. Susan says:

    Forgiveness, gratitude and self-love – it all sounds so simple and just perhaps it is! I surrender my beliefs of ‘hard’, difficulty, and ‘the impossible’ – to the world of gratitude, forgiveness and self-love.

    Thank you.

  3. William Mosca says:

    I 100 percent agree! Loving myself has kept me happy, given me a no matter what happens to or around me, I am happy because I know who I am and my worth.
    These three key steps are amazingly true and I have seen the power of them in my life.

  4. Charlene Potterbaum says:

    Whew! You did it again…”life gives you what you subconsciously believe you deserve; not what you want, but what you truly believe you deserve”…Steve, I have done ‘all of the above’–for many years, now. And, I feel I have a blissful life. But throughout the years, I have experienced such disastrous “monetary” problems, such as–writing a best selling book that sold well over 200,000 (titled “Thanks, Lord–I Needed That”) and my not receiving any money from it, due to “fine print” that stated something to the effect that if “mass media picks up your book the author is required to forfeit the 10% royalty fee”–There are other things I couldn’t understand, either…but bottom line, this is what I created. Obviously, I must not have loved myself too much at that time…but this is NOW. I want to believe that this has changed…but our monthly income just took a $6700 a month plunge! Yet, this could be a really good thing, as it necessitates putting our manufacturing building up for auction…Well, we shall see……

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