It is so easy to get caught up in our own day-to-day issues that we often forget the beauty and abundance all around us.  Pay attention to all of your complaints today.  You might be frustrated that the car keeps breaking down and costing all of your money.  Perhaps your bicycle– your only means of transportation– got a flat tire and made you late for work.  Maybe you are just upset that your boss is insensitive or incompetent, or both; or perhaps you regret not having a job at all.  A woman from Iran who is following this blog keeps me updated on her life through the “contact” tab on the homepage of my website.  She has helped teach me to put my own frustrations in perspective.  Without going into too many details, she lives a difficult life.  Amazingly, she is inspired to make the most of her experience, and because at her core she is one with divinity, she has every ability that we all have to be happy in this moment.

Everything you or I do every day is done to make us feel good.  We often forget this, but really everything that is done, is done to make us feel good.  The miracle of life is this: feeling good is a choice.  Anger, love, frustration, gratitude– all choices.  If you choose, you can feel good in your current circumstances.  Yes, you can choose to be happy right now, even if you are struggling for daily bread in the middle of an oppressive country.  Take a minute to see what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, true story; last week an acquaintance on Facebook wrote this post: “hard to complain about a trip to Maui [Hawaii], but a two-hour delay is sure a real pain…”

Some of us choose to find things to complain about in the middle of paradise, while others choose to be full of gratitude despite their struggles.  Which camp are you usually in?

By the way, you are already rich.  Don’t believe me? Read this.

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4 Responses to Life is Beautiful

  1. Diana Saxe says:

    Amazing, there is no greater gift from GOD. For me it was always singing. I love music. I could never make it through a Sandy Patti concert. She has the voice of an Angel. However Singing is not my gift. That much I know.
    I look forward to sharing my gift with the world. Thank you. Love, Diana Saxe

  2. Mary says:

    This article, like the one on loving onesself, is very much a blessing! Like Diana Saxe, I also love music and am unable to sing. I, too, cannot wait to find my contributing abilities. Again, thank you very much, and good energy wished your way.

  3. Life truly is Beautiful. It is all a matter of PERCEPTION. Perception is a matter of CHOICE. We should always ask ourselves what we choose to perceive.
    The young singer and his brother could have chosen to perceive the world as a terrible place. They could have chosen to perceive their own survival after the violence of war had ravaged them as not worthwhile. Instead, they chose to be happy — and then their miracle walked into their lives. They were adopted and given the choice to see the true beauty in Life. Yes, LIFE is truly Beautiful!

  4. Katherine Wells says:

    moved and humbled and blessed, this is the first time ive seen this footage, and all i can say is how grateful i am to have seen it and how grateful i am for my life from start to now, that i am so blessed to have not have sufferred like this, but to be able to see in him so much gratitude for his life, has only increased the gratitude for my own.

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