Just as the line between stages 2 and 3 is unclear, so too is the difference between stages 3 and 4.  Really, the growth happens on a continuum, from the beginning of stage 1 all the way through stage 4.  This is the last of a six-article series on this topic of empowerment through submission.  If you haven’t read the previous articles, here are the links: Introduction 1, Introduction 2, Stage 1- unconsciousness, Stage 2- awareness, Stage 3- submission.
I wont spend a lot of time on stage 4, mostly because I doubt I’ve ever experienced it.  The scriptures are clear that it exists, however, and I wanted to touch on it.

Christ commanded his disciples to “be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) We are also taught on a couple of occasions in the Bible to be “one” with Christ and with God.  Surely there are great examples of people who attained that status.  Moses parted the Red Sea.  Joshua destroyed the city of Jericho.  Peter and Paul instantaneously healed a man who was born crippled.  Men have healed the blind and even risen the dead.  In stage 4 we begin to have such perfect faith in that inner voice that we hear it clearly, and act without hesitation or doubt.  We realize that the inner voice is our own divinity, which is eternally connected to all of divinity.  There is no difference between our will and the will of the Divine, because we finally accept the fact that they are the same thing.

Just an one drop of water contains all the properties of the ocean, we have within us all of the properties of the Divine.  We were created in His image, and although our physical bodies are new to us, our spirit has always been connected to Him.  It is almost as if there is a clear purpose to this earth-life.  Perhaps the whole reason we came here (there is no doubt we existed spiritually before we entered each of our physical bodies at conception) was to overcome physical weaknesses by submitting to the spirit.  We are born with weaknesses because of our flesh, but spiritually we are perfect.  We are here to learn how to overcome our physical weaknesses so that we can become one with divinity again.  When we are at that state, we will be extremely creative.  We will have all of our own physical needs met, and also have so much abundance that we can heal others, provide physically for others, even save entire nations (as Moses did with the children of Israel.)

So, yes, Christ did teach the law of attraction, and he also taught us to be humble and submissive.  He knew that for us to gain enough faith to raise the awareness of all around us, we would need to spend substantial time in stage 2.  That once you have been creative for long enough by listening and following promptings that lead you to health, wealth, love, and happiness, you begin trust those promptings implicitly.  That faith leads you to know that God wants more for you than you ever previously imagined.  You begin to want even more for yourself and others, and so you submit to the Father.  That submission creates greater power and love within you than you ever imagined possible.  It grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day, when your will aligns with God’s, and you become one.previous article

5 Responses to Growing Closer to God: Stage 4– Oneness

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you, thank you, that’s exactly how I started to view life and our progress here. And I do believe we are already perfect, and that we will become one with God, as we already are part of him. It’s amazing to see others believing deeper truths such as this…thank you for putting it into words so eloquently.

    • Steve says:

      beautiful, thank you for sharing your thoughts. That is a great encouragement to me and others. Truth is truth, and it resonates with each individual when we are ready.

  2. Carolyn Peters says:

    Profound truth or profound idealism ? It is for each one of us to decide in our manifestations.

    Thanks for writing this blog Steve.

    I believe it is profound truth.

  3. saffran says:

    I found this website last night and I just about read every article already and each one has energized me more and more! Thank you and many abundant blessings to you Steve. I’ve been feeling for a very long time now that my “life” here on earth has to be more than what I “see”. I am blessed to be able to have experienced great visions and dreams for most of my life but I always dismissed them as wild imaginations. I even used to tell myself after receiving an awesome vision (whether big or small) “well that can’t possibly happen because I just thought about it.” What kind of twisted mess was I doing to myself? Praise God for His grace and mercy for continuing to keep my mind open to receiving visions because now I am awakened! I am thrilled to start intentionally creating an amazing life for myself and help ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven for all His people!

    • Steve says:


      what a wonderful comment! Thank you! I’ll be thrilled to continue hearing about your awakening. Please keep me updated!

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