Did Christ ever teach the law of attraction?  If so then why do the scriptures talk so much about being humble, meek, and following Him?  In this six-part series, we’ve learned that most of humanity is stuck in stage 1, which is unconsciousness, or victimhood.  We can call it unconsciousness because at this level virtually all of every day is spent on autopilot.  As habitual creatures, it is normal for people to learn behavior early in childhood, and never grow beyond that level.  We call this stage victimhood because at this level of understanding it feels like everything we experience is happening outside of us, and we are just reacting to it.  We often will have periods in our lives that are awakened and empowered.  These strokes of genius come after events that create energy shifts within.  Life at that higher level of living is not sustainable in part because we do not really even understand what is happening.  Those energy shifts can be because of experiencing true joy, either because of genuine gratitude or love.  Even though true love, true joy, and true gratitude are not emotions (they are states of being, much more empowering than emotions), we may misinterpret what is happening and mistake them for emotions.  When the higher level of living is not sustained, it appears the emotion has run its course, and we slip back into unconsciousness.

Stage 2 is maintaining a higher level of awareness by accepting responsibility for the environment we create.  At this stage we realize that everything we experience is a reflection of our beliefs about ourselves.  This clarity gives us power, because we begin to recognize that, at our most basic core, we are children of God.  As divine beings we can love and accept ourselves, even though we have much to learn, we can love ourselves just the way we are.  In this state of gratitude and love, we are able to make the world a better place by raising all those within our sphere of influence.  Creating the life we want is a thrill.  It is exciting to have such incredible focus.  Eventually, most people who stay in stage 2 for very long begin to realize that there are more opportunities than they could possibly every take advantage of.  In a search for greater clarity, they turn to God.  Thus begins the truly grand phase of life.  Submission.

Stage 3– submission.  To become truly creative in stage two, we all have to learn to ask the Divine for help with what we want, and then follow internal promptings that lead us to create the very thing we asked for.  I explain this process in my book Your Superpowers.  So the line between stage 2 and stage 3 is much more vague than it first appears.  If you do not “submit” to those promptings by having faith in them and acting, you cannot create.  You will slip back into stage 1.  But when you have had enough experience following inspiration, and without any doubt you know that those promptings always lead you to a better life, and that they always create a better world for those around you, your trust in that internal compass increases.  Your faith becomes knowledge.  At this point, you begin to realize that God can make more out of you and your life than you could ever do on your own.  You don’t worry that somehow you are giving up the life you wanted for the life God wants you to have.  You have perfect trust that whatever is coming your way is far better than whatever you might be able to come up with.  Your prayers turn to a sincere “thy will by done” tone, and you do not feel that you are somehow giving up a part of yourself through that submission.  On the contrary, you know without a doubt that God is strengthening your muscles, sharpening your mind, healing your body, lifting your spirit, pouring out wealth, introducing true friends, and providing opportunities for you and others to learn the mysteries of the universe.

When you have developed to stage three, you know that Christ’s teaching that we should follow him and submit to the will of the Father was so that he could make us more abundant, in every way, than we could ever do on our own.

Some might read this and ask “I do have faith in God, and I do submit, but my life isn’t turning out the way you are describing here, why?”  Most church leaders, not because of a vindictive intention, but because of a lack of understanding, never teach stage 2.  Most of the time we are taught that we should go directly from victimhood to submission.  Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to develop the faith and trust necessary to stay in stage 3 without spending time in stage 2.  Thus a cycle begins of skipping back and forth between victimhood and submission, and some people even begin to feel that they are victims to the Lord’s will.  That somehow He wants them to be miserable!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you develop faith that God wants you to be poor and miserable (that somehow if you are just poor enough, maybe you can make the world a better place…) than you will create that reality.  But it was never God’s desire for you.  I’ve read studies that indicate some of the most religious people are the most likely to become alcoholic, or addicted to prozac.  This is a travesty.  Spend enough time in stage 2 to develop perfect faith that God does want you to be abundant in every way, today.  Once you are ready, it will be natural to shift into stage 3, because you’ll be excited to do so.

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9 Responses to Growing Closer to God: Part 3 — Submission

  1. Betty Jo says:

    I am not even finished with the article yet but have a question and I will repost if I have another question but this will give you focus for each question and your readers a better understanding of each question’s answer as well. So here is the first question for this post:
    If (In Faith) we continue in the feeling of “being on top of the world” (our own world) then this is more of an empowering process than just emotions?
    Ok say that I have done the Inspiring Action that caused me to feel on top of the world (my world) then that is not an emotion but an empowerment which is much greater and has a much bigger impact on my life, so I need to stay in that state, correct?

    Betty Jo

  2. Betty Jo says:

    Well this is not a question, but a statement being put out there for clarity: In another correspondence to you about me and letting go and letting GOD this is the “Submission” section, or stage, correct?

    Betty Jo

  3. Betty Jo says:

    ok i finished reading Stage 3 and I have something to say about Jesus’ Prayer “… nevertheless not my will but thine be done.” Didn’t Jesus go through all of these STAGES? Because He knew and knows who He was, is, and will be in the future, it says so in the BIBLE, so He trained His subconscious mind throughout His life, that He was, is, and will be to the end, THE SON OF GOD. Stage 1 – in His case NOT being the “victim” but ________. Help me with this because GOD does not ask us to do what HE has not done. HE has repented, forgiven others, followed HIS commandments, humbled HIMSELF, etc. Everything that GOD tells us to do is 1. something HE has already done and 2. necessary for personal growth. Maybe you could help the readers and myself understand this Process as in Jesus’ life so we can maybe put the positive example to work better in our own life. I could help if you’d like. I think Stage 2 (HIS creativity) was HIS ministry on earth. This is where HE got HIS DIVINE INSPIRATION and worked it. Even though HIS Stage 3 was short, it was the MOST productive on the planet and in history, HE inherits the whole world by HIS Sacrifice and if that is not an accomplishment then you did not read the story right!

    Thank You,
    Betty Jo

    • Steve says:

      My thought is that Christ went through pain and sorrow while performing the atonement. Somehow in all of that he allowed himself to experience what victimhood feels like. The rest of His life was lived in either stage 2, stage 3, or stage 4. And like I said in another post, the lines between these three stages is pretty vague.
      I agree with you that he was the greatest teacher of these principles, and his life exemplified them.
      Thanks for your comments!

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  5. janice says:

    Jesus did teach the law of attraction it is in the Bible. My Bible knowledge is a little rusty but Jesus said when you pray believe you have received… then there is ask and it will be answered, seek and ye shall find knock and the door will be open…wish I were at home so I could look it up to be exact

    • Steve says:

      yes, I believe Jesus was one of the greatest teachers of the law of attraction. He lived according to eternal principles, which is why he was able to create so many miracles.

  6. Carolyn Peters says:

    Wow Steve, I have been glued to my computer all afternoon reading your blog. It reveals SO MUCH TRUTH to me that I feel slightly overwhelmed by it all.
    I am so excited about the possibilties for my life and feel real hope for my awesome future. The future that God will lead me to. He uses people to help people and I thank you for helping me.
    Interesting that last night after our conversation, I dreamt about being in a building with high ceilings and a conciege at the desk main lobby desk. I see many little children, boys and girls filing by. They are each perfectly behaved and beautiful in their innocence. I think this dream is representative of the submission stage you describe, which leads to complete faith and trust to replace fear and anxiety.
    One of my dream dictionaries defines ceiling as follows ” relates to something out of your reach or above you, or something that defines the limits of your mind or ambitions”. God is unlimited and so is our potential to live a fulfilling and successful life as we completely trust in Him as little children trust and love those that love them. I truly believe that. Hmmm

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