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This stage is also known as empowerment.  You will know that you are truly aware of greater truth because your actions will reflect it.  When you know you are destined for great things, when there is no doubt that the real you is connected with all divinity, when you understand those and other liberating truths about your relationship with God, your actions will conform to that awareness.  You are free.  The truth about who you truly are has set you free.  Faith is an absence of doubt and fear.  It is pure trust.  How do you know you have faith?  By your actions.  When you remove the fear holding you back, life takes on a new meaning.

When you awaken you realize that you create your experiences spiritually or energetically before they manifest physically.  You are responsible.  When you have issues in life you know you can change your energy and follow inspiration to create better circumstances.  At this stage you know that you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts, you are not even your body.  Your identity goes much deeper.  You are a child of God.  Along the way you have adopted many untrue beliefs that have slowly bound you down, but as you uncover and change those untrue subconscious beliefs to conform with truth, the truth sets you free and you can consciously create the life you want.

All of the sudden bible stories leap out of the pages into your awareness.  You start to realize that it probably was no coincidence that Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Joseph (son of Jacob) and so many others happened to be extremely wealthy.  None of them were defined by their wealth, but it seems like the author goes out of his way to emphasize their creative ability.  In Genesis I lost track of the times it says of Joseph who was sold into Egypt “…and that which he did, the Lord made it to prosper….” Every one of these great leaders had problems in life, and yet they seemed to find a way to create a great life in spite of those issues.  They had a calling to fulfill, a mission, and they weren’t about to let their environment dictate to them. Some might say that they and others like them were able to work these miracles because they had the Holy Spirit with them, helping them.  That is simply another way to describe life in stage 2.  That same spirit will guide you as well if you show sufficient faith.  What is faith again?– stripping yourself of the subconscious fears and doubts.  When you accept the truth, the truth will set you free.

The parable of the talents starts making better sense… at least a part of the reason we are on this earth is to learn to take what he have been given, and build onto it.  Take our five talents and make ten out of them.  What we don’t want to do is shrink and bury our talent.

Clearly there are many small steps between unconsciousness and awareness, the purpose of this series is not to necessarily help you move from stage one to stage two, but to be able to recognize the differences, and recognize that God endorses stage two.  Perhaps the reason we need an empowerment stage is to help us learn to trust the laws that govern the universe.  If we skip straight to stage three we lose out on experiences that could otherwise help us gain trust in ourselves and in the nudges we feel from our spiritual core.  When we know that our true identity is divinity, we shed ourselves of the fears and negativity that would otherwise tie us down.  Skipping stage two is dangerous.  I’ll talk about that more soon.

Often people who stay in empowerment find great excitement at first.  It is so fun to create the life you want!  It is a rush to set an intention, feel prompted to take specific actions, and then in hind-sight see how those promptings took you directly to the desired result!  Eventually, if you stay in stage two, however, you will burn out.  There is so much opportunity everywhere and sometimes you get lost in all of creations.  The solution is to move on to stage 3 by turning yourself over to the Divine (God).  You say “I know that I can create anything, and yet only through a higher understanding can I truly live up to my divine nature.”

And thus you move on to Stage three, submission.

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4 Responses to Growing Closer to God: Stage 2- Awareness

  1. Betty Jo says:

    I am still reading and learning, this is the part that things start getting fuzzy. The inspired action happens and I do it, but then things get fuzzy. I am trying really hard to “study and practice the skills tests, but the grade is not high enough” I am not “failing” with very LOW marks but I am not “passing” this section for some reason,

    Thank you so much
    Betty Jo

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  4. Mike says:

    Learning!…such a beautiful thing!

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