This is the third article in a 6-part series answering the question of “how do I reconcile the self-empowerment implied by the law of attraction with my religious belief that I need to humble myself and submit to the Lord’s will?”

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Also known as victimhood, almost all of humanity fits into stage 1.  You don’t necessarily need to suffer physical or other injury to be a victim in this sense– although often in this state it is easy to focus on all that is wrong in life as opposed to what is right and good.  Victimhood is perhaps better labeled as unconsciousness because really it is an unconscious state of living.

If you are honest with yourself, you’ll probably discover that most of your time is spent in an unconscious state.  Humans are habitual creatures by nature.  We accomplish much of our daily activities through ritual.  Because we spend most of our time in this asleep, unconscious state, perhaps it would be more effective to point out the times in life when we awaken from this state.  Genuine love, gratitude, or joy are elevated states of living.  When you experience true love (platonic or romantic), you temporarily awaken.  That extra zest you feel? That is a state of awakening.  Similarly, genuine gratitude feels like it overwhelms your senses.  That sense of feeling overwhelmed is an awakened state.  You can bring yourself into this state by putting energy into your gratitude.  As long as you are genuine, it will not take long before you become overwhelmed by gratitude.  As you enter this state, notice all of the incredible detail all around you.  Notice how full life is! Feel the abundance around you now! Notice also that the same abundance is always around you.  Unfortunately most of the time we sleep through our daily events and fail to recognize the abundance.

Notice also the way you live while in this state.  Are you more or less likely to feel and act on inspiration?  Are you more likely to think through better ways of fulfilling daily duties and activities?  Is departure from the daily routine more or less likely during this state?  That departure from the daily routine (sometimes referred to as the daily grind) requires a choice.  Choice requires being in an elevated, awakened state.  You might feel like you make choices every day.  The vast majority of those choices, however, are simply instinctual reactions.  Even things that we think are conscious decisions are often not.  Wise choices are more likely to be made from on enlightened, awakened state.

Just as true joy and gratitude change your awareness, their opposites pain and sorrow can also awaken.  Tragedy often brings about pain that can shock you into awakening.  This is the value in pain.  Regardless of the origin of your pain, it is there to teach you something.  When you learn the lesson, you no longer need the pain.  You’ll know that you learned your lesson because your different choices create gratitude instead of pain.

As an unconscious victim, it feels like you are doing the best you can, but problems that are outside your sphere of influence make life difficult for you.  It almost always feels like problems are out of your control, and it is natural to assign blame.  You might find yourself blaming the economy, the government, your boss, your spouse, your kids, insurance companies, or even money.  Even when you feel like you are taking responsibility for your struggles, you likely will find that you have pre-assigned excuses like age,  education, or gender that you find help you explain the issues away.  It feels like you are your body.  It feels like you are your emotions and thoughts.

The empowered truth, however, is that you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts, and you are not your body.  The real you is the divine aspect that lies within.  The real you is the divinity within.  That divinity connects you to all of humanity and all of the universe.  The connection is spiritual, but very real.  Accepting this as your true identity is your privilege and your responsibility.  Living above your instincts and your body is moving to stage 2: empowerment.

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9 Responses to Growing Closer to God: Stage 1- Unconsciousness

  1. Betty Jo says:

    Thank you Steve, I have found one of my problems or changes that I need to make in this article. “You might find yourself blaming the economy, the government, your boss, your spouse, your kids, insurance companies, or even money.” This is one thing I do even though I do my best to treat people kind and graciously when I have had a bad day, and have been complimented on this. I have even said something to this effect to you, in the coaching call consultation. “I am around negative people, and it seems like a force-field of negative not allowing the positive to get to me.” I think this is close to what I said.

    Learning and Growing is the first steps to change and being exposed, even through the internet, to people who know how to put it into Loving and Graceful expressions of thought is priceless.

    Your Christian Friend and
    Admirer of Your Work
    Betty Jo

    • Steve says:

      you are right, the focus should not be on “letting the positive get to me,” but on being the source of the positive. You have every ability you need to create positivity for yourself and others. Keep up the good work!

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  6. Mary says:

    I have been studying your posts most of the afternoon and evening, and somehow I feel more joyful and I thank you once more!

  7. Mary Bronner says:

    I am very encouraged to know of the distinct possibility of there being a reconciliation of Christianity and the law of attraction. I found your statement that we are not our thoughts, feelings or body, but are our divinity that is connected to the divine and the divinity of everyone else, to be particularly comforting and I thank you for publishing your work and sharing it.

    • Steve says:

      Thank you for the feedback! May you find opportunities to share that comfort with many others. I’m grateful that you were touched and especially that you took the time to let me know you were encouraged by the message.

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