Earlier I spoke about receiving inspiration, and answered some common questions on the topic.  Many have commented to me that they are having a difficult time getting to a state where their minds and souls are at peace, and can receive and understand inspiration.

My response is that you are probably too busy to allow inspiration to “settle” on your mind like dew settles on grass.  If your busy body relaxes, your mind may still be too busy.

If you never have alone time, you will never be able to recognize and subsequently act on inspired thoughts.

Alone time means you and your thoughts.  Get away from the internet, turn off the TV, leave the cell phone at home, and spend time with only your thoughts. Get to know yourself!

* spend a few hours gardening

*mowing lawns

*walking in nature or on the beach

*go fishing or sailing



*read inspired books

*write in your journal

*lay out under that stars

This list could go on and on and on.

For some it come as a surprise that uplifting conversations can help you discover your divine thoughts.  These discussions can help some people become clear about what they believe, feel, and desire.

Many readers might be thinking that they don’t have time for any of these activities.  I’m not going to argue one way or the other, I’m merely expressing that dew has a really difficult time settling in the absence of peace, and so does inspiration.

I remember when my wife and I went on our one-year anniversary to Thailand, we were actually bored for the first couple of days!  We had our own bungalow on the beach.  When the sun set the mosquitoes came out, so we wanted to be inside our net in our bungalow.  We had no cell phone reception, no internet, no TV, no books.  It was just the two of us and total silence.  Through all our time as a couple, we had never learned to sit and talk for hours at a time.  Before that trip to Thailand, we didn’t think we ever had the time!  But alone in that mosquito net, with hours to go before sleep could overtake us, we dug deeper than ever before into our dreams and ambitions, our fears and our joys.  We discovered ourselves and we discovered each other.  Day after day our conversations became more natural and more exciting, it was far more interesting than anything the internet or television could provide.  In fact, we came home from that experience and decided not to have internet or TV in our home.  Over time we have decided that it is important to have internet in our home, but we still have no plans to buy a television.

We now have a consistency of thought that did not exist before that trip. We understand each other and we understand ourselves better than ever before.  It was the hours upon hours of silence that allowed us to arrive where we are today. We still make that a priority today.

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