From the monthly archives: October 2011

Just as the line between stages 2 and 3 is unclear, so too is the difference between stages 3 and 4.  Really, the growth happens on a continuum, from the beginning of stage 1 all the way through stage 4.  This is the last of a six-article series on this topic of empowerment through submission.  […]


Did Christ ever teach the law of attraction?  If so then why do the scriptures talk so much about being humble, meek, and following Him?  In this six-part series, we’ve learned that most of humanity is stuck in stage 1, which is unconsciousness, or victimhood.  We can call it unconsciousness because at this level virtually […]


This is part four in a six-part series.  Part 1      Part 2      Part 3 This stage is also known as empowerment.  You will know that you are truly aware of greater truth because your actions will reflect it.  When you know you are destined for great things, when there is no […]


This is the third article in a 6-part series answering the question of “how do I reconcile the self-empowerment implied by the law of attraction with my religious belief that I need to humble myself and submit to the Lord’s will?” part 1              part2 Also known as victimhood, almost all of humanity fits into stage […]


Empowerment Through Submission

On October 20, 2011 By

For people who grow up in a church that teaches humility, stripping yourself of pride, and submitting your own will to the will of the Father (God), the very thought of self-empowerment through the law of attraction is ludicrous.  At best it is a silly notion thought up by mortals to make them feel better […]


One of the most common concerns I hear about the process of self-empowerment from Christians is that it rejects basics tenants of Christianity.  The entire notion of creating your own life contradicts with submitting to the will of the Father.  Sincere truth seekers have asked various versions of the question “how do you reconcile the […]


Everyone knows J.K. Rowling as the author of the best-selling series Harry Potter.  Most do not realize the path she walked to get where she is today.  In her 2008 Harvard Commencement speech, she details just how difficult her life became before she allowed herself to be loyal to her divine identity and follow her […]


Peace Before Inspiration

On October 11, 2011 By

Earlier I spoke about receiving inspiration, and answered some common questions on the topic.  Many have commented to me that they are having a difficult time getting to a state where their minds and souls are at peace, and can receive and understand inspiration. My response is that you are probably too busy to allow […]


Origins of Optimism?

On October 10, 2011 By

Doctors and grandmas alike agree that optimism is good for your health.  Most people want to be happier, more optimistic. An interesting article was just published in Nature Neuroscience magazine entitled How Unrealistic Optimism is Maintained in the Face of Reality. A synopsis from BBC News: “Scientists at University College London rated 14 people for […]


Live Like You Were Dying

On October 6, 2011 By

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow […]


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