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apply the law of attraction by following inspiration

Q: How do I ask for/receive inspiration?

A:  Three steps:

step 1)  Do your homework.

When you ask for guidance, it is often best to first do your homework.  Deliberate in your mind all of your options, and decide what you believe is the best choice.

Once you have made your choice, go to the divine with your conclusions.  You may have been guided in your conclusions and there is a perfect serenity in your soul about how to move forward, in which case you do not need to “consult” through prayer or meditation, just act!  If however you are feeling anything but peace and serenity about your choice (even excitement is a different feeling than serenity…) then you should go to the divine (step 2) with your plan.

step 2)  pray and meditate over your choice

Often these answers will “settle” on your soul, like dew settling at dawn on the grass.  Do not try to force it.

step 3)  follow the quiet whispers of your heart.

Action shows loyalty and appreciation for the guidance, and is necessary for growth.

Q: What if I ask, but don’t receive inspiration?

A: As we discussed yesterday, you are constantly being guided by a deeper power.  The question is whether or not you are internalizing that inspiration.  As we said yesterday, when in doubt, act!

Q: What if I’m not clear how to act?  Sometimes inspiration does not feel clear to me, or even inspired!

A:  This becomes the million dollar question.  As you begin welcoming this divine guidance, you will notice that not all promptings are created (or at least interpreted) equally.  Sometimes it will be clear that the best step is to move forward with what you are doing.  Other times it will be clear that you should stop what you are doing– you need to change course.  Other times there really is no clarity.  That is the tricky part.  In the absence of clarity, what do you do?

I can’t take full credit for this tip, because I heard it about 20 years ago.  Unfortunately I don’t remember who spoke about receiving inspiration this way, and in my mind I may have changed the original ideas dramatically over the years.  However, the strategy I want to teach you works!  Promptings come in the form of “yes” “no”  and “maybe” answers to your questions.  The basic premise behind this principle is that a clear “no” or “change course” is usually much easier to recognize and follow than a “yes” or “maybe.”

You will always be guided to take some kind of action.  In my experience, it becomes very clear when the action I need to take is to stop what I’m doing and reverse course.  This is a red light.  There is a real lack of understanding, it becomes difficult to think straight, nothing makes sense…  When you feel those feelings associated with your meditations and prayers, that is a red light.  Whatever you are doing, it is time for a course correction.  Do not pass “GO,” and do not collect 200 dollars.  At this point it is best to stop and reevaluate.

In contrast, when you are doing the things in the right order, life seems to come to you naturally and your being feels in balance and in harmony with the universe.  Life may not completely make sense, but you feel good about things, and you are not easily upset or offended.  Small struggles do not get you down.  Life is good.  When that is your reality, you have a green light, keep going with your current plan!

Generally those two scenarios are the easiest to understand and to follow.

For most, the struggle comes when there is a lack of clarity.  What if the feeling is not a clear “no” and it is also not a rush of energy/euphoria of spiritual harmony and balance that comes with a green light?

What if the answer is a big, fat “maybe?”  Really it feels like a yellow light.  It is not clear if you should stop or go…  What do you do then?

My take?  Treat it just like you do a real traffic light!  When it is yellow, hit the gas and race through it!  Go faster!  When you are unclear, take action.

here is the magic.  If the light was really red, it will become clear immediately with action.  It most likely will never clear up without the action.  Endless deliberation and analysis will paralyze you.  Take action and if it was the wrong choice you can change course.  If it was a green light all along, that will become clear also, if for no other reason than the fact that the light never turned red!

This strategy has worked very well for me, and continues to work miracles for our students.



2 Responses to Apply the Law of Attraction: Receiving Inspiration part 2

  1. BETTY JO says:

    After reading this post the area of inspiration for about 2 weeks has been to dive into the concept of THE LAW of ATTRACTION deeper. That has been the main focus, and that is what I have been doing. I haven’t understood but I have taken the action again, and again. How long does it take to get all of this down to a science so that it is second nature to you?

    Betty Jo

    • Steve says:

      Once you are clear of the beliefs that get in the way the transformation will be instantaneous. Energy changes are like light overcoming darkness, they are instantaneous. If your beliefs block that change, however, energy will not override your beliefs. (since we know that our beliefs created the energy in the first place, it makes sense…) Continue working on becoming clear on your own limiting beliefs, and work with objective mentors when possible to identify the beliefs that may be holding you back. When you are clear, you change.

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