Every great religion espouses some form of the universal truth: ask and ye shall receive.   While some people seem to be able to naturally tap into their spiritual selves and follow promptings, others feel like it is a real struggle.  Here are some of the most common questions from our students and my answers according to my current understanding.

Q: Why can’t I receive inspiration?

A: Inspiration is coming to you.  The difference between receiving inspiration and being completely oblivious to it is your level of sensitivity to that inspiration.  The real question should be something like “how do I become more sensitive and aware of the revelation that is coming to me?”  There are many factors that desensitize you; fear, doubt, shame, anger– to name a few.  Removing these inhibitors will allow inspiration to flow into your soul and your conscious awareness easier and with more clarity.  One other factor that is critical is neglect.  By neglect I mean neglecting previous promptings.  If you are at peace with yourself, and are seeking inspiration, but can’t seem to crack the code, it is probably because you ignored a few too many previous promptings.  This is critical.  Acting on the promptings you receive actually increases your awareness of future promptings.  That awareness allows you to clearly understand the next step that is best for you in your life.

Remember that promptings usually tell us the next step– we seem to receive guidance incrementally.  Acting on a prompting shows that we are loyal to that guidance, and opens us up to receiving further clarity and understanding.  However, the opposite is also true.  If you choose not to act on a prompting because of fear or procrastination, you are choosing loyalty to your ego, your emotions, your blocks, your flesh.  Each time we are faced with even a sliver of inspiration– promptings that would lead us forward– we must choose to either be loyal to the inspiration, or to be loyal to our own carnal blocks.  In the past you may not have been aware of that choice.  Now that you are aware, choose to be empowered, choose to be loyal to inspiration.

Q: What is the difference between thoughts and revelation?

A: This seems to be a hang-up for some people.  The law of attraction becomes an either-or proposition if you buy into this law of attraction myth.  Some people believe that if they attract something they desire, they are neglecting God’s will.  I will discuss this in great detail soon.  For now, to answer this question, my answer is that if you can’t tell the difference between your own personal thoughts and divinely inspired revelation right away, that is okay.  Don’t worry about it.  Act on all good thoughts.  Action will increase your awareness and sensitivity towards revelation.  When you show you are willing to act, you can be trusted with inspiration.  Your thoughts may not all be inspired, but act anyway, the inspiration is coming!

Q: What if I don’t understand how this inspired action will lead to my desired result?

A: A couple of important points here.  First, remember that revelation often comes “line upon line, precept upon precept…”  Just as your headlights can only shine light on about 200 feet of road in a dark night, inspiration usually just shows us the next step or two.  It may not make sense now, but act anyway, and it will become clear for you.  It is possible for inspiration to come in a dramatic fashion, like entering a dark room and switching on the lights.  However, most of the time it is like the light of dawn overcoming the night.  If you are constantly acting on inspiration, it will be difficult to even recognize the change.  Looking back it is almost as if the whole picture were clear to you then entire time.

Also, remember that revelation is spiritual.  When spirit communicates with spirit, it is different than using audio language to communicate.  Expect a learning curve, and just be okay with that.


Tomorrow’s question:  “What if I ask but don’t receive inspiration?”

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  2. BETTY JO says:

    About two years ago I read the book “The Secret” I was trying to tell my husband about what I had read, and believe me it was hard to read, because it didn’t talk that much about GOD, like I was used to. Anyway, I had a revalation about Rhonda Byrne, the author. I was used to reading “Christian Books” but GOD had every single person on the planet in mind when HE Inspired Rhonda to write “The Secret.” That actually indicated to me this was something worth investigating.

    Betty Jo

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