One trick I recently learned from Glenn Morshower (actor in over 40 movies) to help you cherish your life in this moment:

Wish that you were doing exactly what you are doing right now.  Wish that you were exactly where you are right now.

How often to you catch yourself saying something along the lines of “I wish I were sitting under a palm tree sipping from a coconut right now…”

But rather than wishing you were somewhere else doing something else, try saying to yourself that you wish you were doing what you are doing, and that you were exactly where you are.  For example, I really did just say “I wish I were in my home right now using the magical technology of the internet to share my latest discovery with the world…”  As I say those words, a feeling of real joy for this moment floods into my soul and I immediately appreciate my life as it is right now.

Last night I had a four hour drive.  I generally do not particularly appreciate driving, but last night I said several times that “I wish I had four hours to myself to drive through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  I wish I were driving a comfortable car for four hours on well-kept roads in a free country…”  I loved that drive.  I was able to appreciate it throughout the entire four hours.

Some of you are thinking “that seems really weird.”  If you are thinking it is weird advice, then the advice is specifically for you.  Try it right now.  Those of you who are thinking that it makes perfect sense and are going to start using it regularly probably don’t need this tool as much.

thanks Glenn!

This is a picture of Glenn and me.  Do you recognize him?  He is in two blockbuster movies now (Transformers 3 and X-Men) and is a master of the law of attraction


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7 Responses to How To Live In This Moment

  1. Alina says:

    So true! Your mind changes the way you see the world. I appreciate this short inspiring message you shared. You are awesome!

  2. Kiripai Kaka says:

    Having stumbled upon your book and website I easily got immersed in reading your posts and felt a gratitude for having known you, even in a small way. But as I smilingly read and nodded my head in agreement on your posts on Chinese culture, I continued to nod in agreement at the wisdom shared in your other posts then just before reading this last post “How to Live in the Moment” the realisation you speak of came to me and with it a tear and an overwhelming gratitude. Bless you in your efforts to educate, uplift and inspire.
    Your friend, Kiripai now home in New Zealand but planning a return trip to China in January 2012.

    • Steve says:

      Bless your heart! I’m thrilled to hear back from you, thank you for commenting! Gratitude truly is powerful, allowing it to overwhelm you is just bliss!

  3. Betty Jo says:

    I love to read not only your Articles but the comments of the people you insprire. Putting it all together just solidifies my appreciation even more.

    Thank You So Much For Your Compassion,
    Betty Jo

  4. Mary says:

    Thank you for helping me further my journey in forgiving! I’m almost 70 and it has been and (I must confess, still is) a long, arduous one. God even figures in with this, with me. Like I say, long, arduous, but you have helped me along. I made a necessary call on this and it turned out perfectly great. Thanks, again!

  5. Mike says:

    Thanks for this encouraging exercise! I’m going to try this now regularly

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