Yesterday I talked about how goals can and often do get in our way. I promised to share a story to illustrate.  As promised:

About six months ago I met a new student for the first time.  I was not her mentor, but have followed her story closely.  When she began working with us she was a single mother living off of unemployment.  I believe she still had one month of benefits still remaining before she would run out of unemployment money.  About three weeks after starting with her coach, she was driving by a building in her city and felt inspired to go into the building and turn in her resume.  She did not even know what kind of offices were in this building!  But she was beginning to really trust those little promptings and so she stopped the car went into the building.  One of the businesses inside the building was about to announce that they wanted to hire someone with a similar background to her.  Delighted, she went home, prepared her resume and took it in the next day.  A few days later her interview at the same office went very well, and she discovered that only two other people applied for the job. She just knew the whole event was inspired and was excited to begin her new job.

Imagine her frustration when days and then weeks passed by and she was not called back.  She called and found out the company decided they could do without hiring a new employee.  Shocked, she began looking for another job and almost immediately was hired.  The confusion remained, however.  She thought,”what, if anything, does this mean?

Three weeks ago we finally got the rest of the story.  This woman received a phone call from the man who interviewed her five months ago:

“do you remember me from our interview 5 months ago?” he asked,

“of course I do” she replied.

He then said, “do you remember that you complimented me on the chess set that was in my office, and you told me about your teenage daughter, who is a real chess expert…?”


He continued, “I didn’t tell you at the time, but I am on the board of a group of very wealthy chess lovers, we have an organization that gives out scholarships to up-and-coming chess experts.  We looked at what your daughter has done at school, and it is very impressive!  We saw some of the tournaments she has won, we talked with her high school chess coach, and I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of submitting your daughters name for our scholarship.  If she is open to receiving it, she has been awarded a full-ride scholarship to the university of her choice.”

Obviously this single mother was blown away with excitement.  While she didn’t understand the reason in the moment of inspiration, she trusted and acted on the prompting she felt to turn in that resume.

As much as possible, we want to be getting out of the past or the future, and into the present.  When you are enjoying life right now, you are in the moment, you are present.  Only when you are living in the moment can you be open and receptive to how wonderful that moment is.

Goals are great, as long as you keep the right perspective.  In other words, your goals should be flexible and every changing with your increased understanding, and they should always work toward fulfilling your purpose.  Your purpose is not to achieve goals.  Your goals should help you accomplish your purpose.

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5 Responses to Following Inspiration: ALWAYS a Good Idea!

  1. nikkie says:

    even when we dont feel the wind blowing, the oxygen is there…:)

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  3. Mary Horsman says:

    Wow!Truly an inspiring story! Thanks so much!

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