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Q: “So how can I use the law of attraction to improve my life?

A: We may not know exactly what is happening yet, but we do know for certain that the creative energy inside of each of us is dependent on our beliefs.  This happens on two levels:

1) our beliefs give meaning to events and experiences.  The meaning we give to these events feeds back through our emotions and thoughts.

2) our energy (also determined by our beliefs about ourselves and our environment) communicates with energy everywhere and is creative.

I will give more specific advice on enhancing our creative energy in many future posts.  Before we can do that, however, I need to make sure that we are clear on the effect of limiting beliefs.

You may have heard that tamed elephants will not try to break the tiny ropes that hold them to a stake or tree, because when they were younger they were not strong enough to break that barrier.  Glenn Morshower enlightened me to a new example recently when he told me about a true experience he had in a hotel room.  In this particular hotel, there was a small fish bowl with a little goldfish swimming in it.  He wanted to give the little goldfish a real thrill and filled the bathtub with room-temperature water.  Glenn put the fish in the water and smiled at his new friend.  Shockingly, when he dumped the fish into the bathtub, the fish continued to swim in circles no bigger than the original bowl!  The fish could not understand that he had a greater capacity to swim now than before!  In an instant the world of possibility for this fish grew by a factor of hundreds, but the mind of the little guy could not see the change.  As long as he believed he was swimming in the original bowl, he could not appreciate or use the entire length of the tub.

From our perspective, it is clear that an elephant could easily break the rope holding it to a tree.  In fact, when I was in Thailand I rode on an elephant that was two stories tall!  I’m pretty confident an adult elephant could completely uproot the tree!  But because as a baby the elephant was not strong enough to brake the chords, it was conditioned to believe that it could never break free.  These massive adult elephants make no attempt for freedom.  It is also clear from the outside looking into a large bath tub that the inch-long goldfish has plenty of room to swim, but is only restricting it’s swimming because of conditioning.

This conditioning of course is all in the head.  Those limitations are not real, except to the individual who “buys into” the beliefs.

As young children, most people grow up believing a number of limiting beliefs.  These include, but are not limited to:


  • I’m not good enough…
  • I don’t deserve happiness/abundance/love/health/etc…
  • I’m not worthy…
  • When I fail I’ll be rejected…
  • No one cares about me/it’s me against the world…
  • People are bad/money is bad…
  • My brother/that guy who was mean to me/fill in the blank, is a bad person…
  • It is difficult to make money in this economy…
  • I can’t make money in this country… (whatever country you are in, to date people from over 60 countries have read this blog, and it does not matter which country you are in now, this belief is still a limiting belief and is not based in reality, unless you buy into it)

The list goes on and on.  Most of these beliefs are only operating on a subconscious level.  Some of these beliefs perhaps struck a chord with you somewhere.  Do you believe that it is difficult to make money in a recession?  Whatever your beliefs are, the important thing to realize is that while they certainly feel real, they are only real in your mind.  If you stop buying into a belief, it will stop limiting you.

These are the beliefs that give you anxiety, apprehension, doubt, struggle, fear, and so on.  I think that most people are becoming more aware that we create our own reality.  It is exciting and empowering to start to take some control in our lives.  Unfortunately, most of us do not know what is holding us back from having all that we want.  Ultimately, it is these beliefs that limit us.  You can call them blocks, counter intentions, limiting beliefs, or any other name; this is where we cut ourselves off from greatness.  If you want to be able to use the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams, start with your beliefs.  Unfortunately, most of these blocks are beyond our conscious awareness, and because of that they do require a non-biased outside resource to help identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs.  As long as these beliefs feel real, and we buy into them, we make them real.  Just like that elephant or the goldfish, we stay in our boundaries because they are known to us and are comfortable.  The sad truth for most people is that in order to stretch beyond that comfort zone, there has to be enough motivation (pain) to change.  Most people are content to sleepwalk through life, and would only question their limiting beliefs if life became difficult enough.  

The good news is that there are people who choose to be enlightened just because it is the better way.  They don’t have to go through misery first.  There are mentors and coaches who can guide you through this transition stage and help you see from a non-biased perspective.  You are welcome to email me with questions about mentoring at

Q: “So what would my mentor do to help me?

A: stay tuned, coming soon!

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  1. Christean says:

    haha. that is a cool idea! 🙁

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