I wanted to get a shout out to Josh Keele, who was my illustrator.  He did a fantastic job on all 26 illustrations in the book.  His blog is http://joshsimagination.blogspot.com/       Here is a sample of what he did for me:


A boy versus the Tian He-1, the world’s fastest supercomputer  

The basic premise of the book is that a teenage boy or girl has latent superpowers including the power to be creative, and to attract.  At the beginning of the book I make the case that a human brain is even more impressive than the world’s most impressive supercomputer.

scientist studying the brain  
Kim Peek memorized over 12,000 books in his life, including phone books  



Among other things, Your Superpowers points out that there is still more that scientists don’t know about the brain than what they do.  Even the most sophisticated computers are duplicate-able.

Kim Peek is one example of someone whose brain is simply amazing.

A teenager’s superpowers do not end with his or her mind.  Each person is connected to a greater force.  With our energy, we can all tap into this force, if we learn how to do that.  There are 5 steps to accessing that greater power and using it to create exactly the life we want.

attracting great things    

following those simple steps can pull a young person out of a state of victimhood and frustration and into a state of empowerment.

bad day at school

you can take a terrible situation at school, at home, with friends, or any other circumstance, and create what you want.

much better day at school  

I’ve loved every minute of creating this book, I look forward to sharing with everyone who is ready and willing to listen!

discovering his superpowers  
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5 Responses to Sample Illustrations For My New Book “Your Superpowers”

  1. Javier says:

    Congratulations Steve for your simple and heartfelt work for teenagers.
    Few authors concentrate on teenagers, who really need so much help to discover their potential.

    • Steve says:

      You are right, the teenage years are truly a critical time. We are now within a month of being able to launch the book, it is very exciting! Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Betty Jo says:

    When will your book be launched? How does one get the book? and Will your book be digital for possible .pdf download?

    Excellent Work Sir,
    Betty Jo

  3. Rozell says:

    I win the lotto before I play them , I get money before I think about getting money , I win at everything I do in life , my life gets better everyday , big things happen in my life at all times , I live life for me that’s all I got in life is me.

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