By now we realize that one of the first things anyone looking for a better life needs to do is become as clear as possible about what you want.  The Bible teaches us to ask so that we can receive, and law of attraction experts teach us to be absolutely clear in our minds about what we want.  Some teach to write down that clear intention, others teach to visualize it and start allowing yourself to feel excitement and joy as if you had already received what you are visualizing.

All of those are effective steps and powerful tools to manifesting what you want in life.  But there is a huge caveat:

Don’t be attached to anything

Really, don’t attach yourself to any outcome.  This seems to contradict the idea of manifesting what you want, but the last thing you want to do is ask for, or visualize, a specific outcome, and then try to force that particular outcome into existence.  This is why I’ll spend a later post discussing the danger in goals.  But for now, we need gain a better understanding of how manifestation occurs.  How do those blessings enter into our lives?

Have you ever tried to force inspiration?  If you have never tried to do that, go ahead and try it now: force yourself to receive revelation.  Right now.  If you have ever felt prompted or inspired in your life, an attempt to force inspiration sounds totally ludicrous.  Make no mistake about it, when we receive blessings of any kind, spiritual or temporal (physical), it is because we are in a state that allows that blessing.

The best description I have ever heard on receiving inspiration was the metaphor of dew, slowly forming on the still silent grass in the early hours of the morning.  Dew cannot be forced to form on grass.  All the elements of a peaceful morning, moisture in the air, the right temperature, and most importantly, still grass, all need to combine in just the right way for dew to form.  I think it is significant that the materials to create the dew are always “there,” but it is only when all of these delicate variables combine harmoniously that dew settles on the grass.  Just as magically as it appears, it will disappear when those variables change.

Receiving material blessings works the exact same way.  In order to manifest a better relationship, you still “ask” so that you can “receive.”  You do this by clearly visualizing what you want that relationship to feel like and look like.  Spend time being grateful that all of the elements of that improved relationship already exist around you, and that all you have to do is allow the conditions to connect harmoniously so the dew can settle, so to speak.  You want more money?  A better life?  Follow the same principles.  Clearly identify what you want.  Ask for it.  Be grateful that all the elements already exist and you just have to receive them.

When you decide that you must have this blessing in a certain way at a certain time, or under any other circumstances, you have attached yourself to the outcome.  That sense of desperation keeps you from calmly allowing the blessing to come to you.  It is like asking to receive inspiration, and then forcefully concentrating to create promptings.  If you have ever received inspiration, you know that you simply cannot force it.

So how do you detach?

The key is to realize that your understanding is limited, but that the greater subconscious or spiritual essence (the source of inspiration, many call this the Divine or I call it Heavenly Father) has an understanding that is perfect.  If you have faith (belief + trust) that Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to have joy (real joy, not just passing happiness), then you will be open to changes in your path.  A prayer of “thy will be done” will always accomplish more than asking for whatever you want.  That is because there is a level of trust that you are loved and receiving.  That trust raises your vibration even further.  I think of it as a game, a playful curiosity that goes something like “I wonder how this blessing is going to be created.  I’m excited to find out!”

Another tool that Joe Vitale teaches is to add “or something better” to the end of your intention.  This works extremely well to help you detach from your request so that you can allow it to come to you.  For example, you might feel like you want to drive a specific car; you do your homework on it, and then clearly ask for what you want.  You might say something like “I want to have enough cash to buy a new BMW Z4 with cash, or something better.”  When you add “or something better” to the end of your request, you are opening yourself up to a faster path to that car, perhaps by winning it in a competition, or else having someone gift it to you.  You can also open up your mind to the possibility of  getting a different, but better car.

This principle is easy to see in dating relationships– especially in hind-sight.  You may have noticed that attachment to any person while dating will only strengthen the ego and weaken your ability to follow promptings.  If you decide that a specific person must be the one for you before all of the variables have already combined and settled in harmony, you will find that you only chase that person away.  If you continue to think “or something better” while dating, you’ll leave yourself open to inspiration, you wont feel as hurt if things don’t work out, and you wont push the other person away with your premature attachment.  Once all of the variables combine in harmony and the figurative dew settles, then you know that it is right and you can attach, because the relationship is already yours.

Once you truly believe that you are destined for great things, you can simply decide what you want, ask for it, and know that you are putting yourself in position to receive.  Of course you need to act on the promptings you receive in order to receive the blessing you’ve asked for, but we’ll talk about that later.

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2 Responses to What’s So Bad About Wanting Something SO Bad?

  1. Rozell says:

    I’ll put it simple the bigger my dreams the more I have to let go and. Let the universe do its thing like the law of attraction say. Like filling a ballon full of air(dream) and letting it fly to space which is unlimited.

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