Always buy lemonade from kids at a lemonade stand.




On my way home from work today I passed this table and had to stop.  Not because I was thirsty for lemonade, but because of how excited and happy these kids were.  Only two of them wanted to pose for the pictures, but seeing how happy they were really made my day.  I’ve decided to always stop to buy lemonade when it is available!

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3 Responses to Tip for a Fantastic Life!

  1. Christine G. says:

    Kids all over are thanking you right now! I have friends who do this–always stopping to buy lemonade. It really makes the kids’ day. The only hard part is making sure you always have some change in your car!

  2. Gary Liese says:

    When I was akid I used to sell things, usually door to door so I am very interested in seeing other kids do similar things today. Its a great start into making stand in the world when maybe there are not a lot of outlets for marketing at that age. Yeah for kids and taking action!

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