When I first heard that people could pay $5,000 to spend an evening masterminding with Joe Vitale in his Rolls Royce Phantom, I thought it was completely outrageous.   After spending an evening with Joe last week (thanks Joe) I now believe that the experience is worth far more than $5000.


Presenting my book Your Superpowers to Joe

It was a real joy to be able to present my book to one of my heroes.  Joe Vitale has written over 50 books, and created almost a dozen audio programs, and they are fantastic!  His The Awakening Course, Zero Limits, and The Missing Secret have probably impacted me the most, but it goes without saying that he is an established expert and an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Without a doubt, the most exciting thing I discovered in my visit is that my book is ready to go!  As we discussed my book, he gave me about 5 tips that I can use to improve the book, but that basically it is ready to go to market.  I’m in the process of adding a subtitle, as well as implementing the other tips, but knowing that someone as established as Joe likes the book, just the way it is, was extremely exciting for me.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom


Joe Taking me in the Spyker


Panoz Roadster, Steven Tyler’s old car

When I arrived at his house, Joe came out to greet me and show me each of his cars.  I spent time admiring each vehicle, but what struck me was all of the stories that Joe told about each individual car.  This was a very impressive car collection in my opinion, but it was interesting that each and every car represented an event or a person of value in Joe’s life.  While the Rolls Royce was obviously a very comfortable ride, my favorite car was the Spyker, which is a hand-made car from Holland.  My wife likes the “yellow car” the best.  That car is a Panoz Roadster, and less than 250 of those cars were ever made.  The one in Joe Vitale’s collection was built for Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and some might even recognize the car from one of his music videos.  Again, Joe seems to me to be more excited about the stories behind the cars, than the cars themselves.  He teaches people how to attract their own new car in his program Attract A New Car!


It wasn’t long before we started to tour the house.  Joe loves guitars, and told me several stories about individual guitars as well.  I promised not to post any pictures of his messy library, but I feel like I can provide a solid witness that Joe is a true book lover.  He has a pretty sizable library, and it is absolutely overflowing with books on just about every topic.



After settling in we began to discuss my book, as well as other dreams and aspirations that I have.  He was always focused and attentive to my questions and needs, and his advice was priceless.  I video recorded most of our time together, and I’m glad I did, because there was just so much priceless information.


Joe Vitale and his “Vitale Steak”  it was enormous!

Time in his office really flew by quickly, and we went to a local restaurant to eat some “Vitale Steak.”


My steak was much smaller than Joe's, but I only finished a fourth of mine!


We had a fantastic meal at a pizza joint run by ex-NFL star Bruce Collie.  They do steak for special guests, and Joe has become pretty well-liked there.  My biggest problem was that the food leading up to the steak was so delicious and so filling, that I was not able to eat even half of my steak.  It was delicious though, probably the best steak I have ever had.

We ended the night with Joe Vitale thanking me for the difference that I am making in the world.  Overall this experience was an absolute joy.  I’ve discovered something about successful people; it seems like the more successful someone is, the more genuine, kind, and caring they are.  Joe more than exemplified that for me.


thanks Joe!


Thanks Joe!

4 Responses to Rolls Royce Mastermind with Joe Vitale

  1. Felix says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sounds like it was an AWESOME experience! Fantastic!!!

  3. Carl O'Reilly says:

    Sounds like an amazing evening, love the cars, and love the positivity of the story, feels like success and prosperity comes as a side product of being grateful and in love with life. Best of luck with the book.

  4. Can’t wait to go myself!

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