I think most people would agree that it is easy to find things to complain about.  In fact, one thing I’ve noticed about some of the most talented grumps I know is that they never run out of ways to grumble.

I know that there are people going the extra mile all around us, and we don’t always notice.  With that in mind, I want to start a forum that will allow people to share examples of excellence in everyday life.  It is a little surprising to me, but my inspiration for starting this forum (when my new website is up and running it will be a real forum, but I didn’t want to wait until the website was running to start people thinking and contributing) actually came from TSA officials in the airport in Austin, Texas.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been on the wrong end of a lot of accusations stemming from inappropriate pat-downs to being pompous and just plain rude.  Many people are upset that getting through security has become so time consuming and sometimes downright frustrating.

long line of people, went very quickly

In the Austin-Bergstrom airport things were dramatically different.  Someone clearly has set a tone of excellence there.  Our line moved very quickly, when we first got in line we were worried about catching our flight that left in an hour, because it looked like an overwhelming line, but we were pleasantly surprised that within 12 minutes we had already made it to the x-ray machines.  Each person who greeted us along the way was extremely kind and courteous, and when the machine detected that two of the three people in my group had something dangerous in our luggage, they quickly and efficiently pulled out the item in question, re-checked the bags, and sent us on our way.  They were also very respectful of our luggage, and asked permission before digging into anything.


I was so impressed that I decided there needs to be a platform for experiences like this.  When you come across someone really going the extra mile or showing genuine goodness, however great or small, please feel free to share your experience with the world through this forum.  Sometimes it helps us to be on the lookout for positive people and acts of service or selflessness, otherwise we may not even notice.

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